The Dutch Dogs doggy daycare program is a safe and stimulating place for dogs to do what  they do best—run around, make friends, and have lots of fun. Whether you’re away at work,  running errands, or enjoying a day out with friends, bring your dog for a fun-filled play day at  Dutch Dogs! 

Our facilities include indoor and outdoor play areas where we can accommodate separate play  groups that are split to pair dogs based on their size, age and temperament to ensure your dog  has a good time. Daycare is supervised by trained staff to ensure the safety of all dogs. Dutch  Dogs strives to maintain a high level of cleanliness at all times by safely sanitizing and disinfecting our facility with safe animal detergents and cleaners.


Group Play Daycare
  • Safety First. We pride ourselves on providing a healthy and secure place for dogs to exercise, socialize, and  live their best lives. The Dutch Dogs daycare program is designed to enrich your dog’s body and  mind in a safe environment. 
  • Staff Training. Our experienced, passionate, and dog-loving staff are trained to read dog  body language and understand dog signals. Staff members follow industry-leading practices  and engage in ongoing education. 
  • Daycare Evaluations. All new daycare visitors start with a trial day to assess their comfort  level in our social play programs. 
  • Playgroups. We choose the best playmates for each dog based on their play style, activity  level, and size. Plus, our staff-to-dogs ratio is carefully considered. 
  • Rest Periods. Our daycare guests enjoy plenty of time to rest and recharge in our luxurious  canine suites. 
  • Splash of fun. On hot days, dogs love to stay cool in our pools, splash pad or rest in the  shade. Our indoor play areas are air-conditioned to keep everyone having fun and feeling  comfortable. 
Daycare Hours

Monday – Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Reservations are required as we have a limited amount of space. 
  • Pets not picked up by closing time will be charged a $50 late fee.
Rules & Guidelines
  • All dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age.

  • All dogs 6 months or older must be spayed or neutered to be allowed in daycare.

  • All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough vaccinations.

  • A flea and tick preventative is required.

  • Proper forms must be filled out and a behavior evaluation completed prior to attending daycare.
  • All dogs must be non-aggressive. Please remember your dog will be spending time with other dogs and the safety and health of your dog is our primary concern.

Benefits of Dog Daycare
  • Socialization. Most dogs naturally crave the companionship of their fellow canines, and dog daycare is a safe and supervised place for dogs to interact with other healthy pups. In addition to being lots of fun, socializing with dogs and humans provides the confidence and skill-building your dog needs to be the happiest and most well-rounded.
  • Exercise. Dogs desire and need exercise to stay healthy and content. When you drop your  dog off at daycare, they’ll get a full day of play and exercise while you work. Come pick up  time, you’ll have a tired and satisfied dog to spend a relaxing evening with. 
  • Mental Engagement. Like humans, dogs can get bored when left alone with nothing to do. This can lead to challenging behaviors like excessive barking, chewing furniture or belongings, and digging up the yard. Daycare keeps your pup entertained, focused, and having fun, so you’ll never have to worry about a bored or lonely dog (or ruined shoes)!
  • Provides Routine. Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive off of consistency. Having a structured daycare schedule creates a routine that can help with relaxation and reduce anxiety by knowing what’s expected.
  • Attention. Sending your dog to daycare will provide him with the loving attention and affection that dogs need on a regular basis. At Dutch Dogs, our staff members are chosen because they love working with animals. We’re pet owners as well and we understand a dog’s need for constant, loving attention which is why someone from our staff will be with your dog from the time they arrive until you pick them up.
  • A tired dog is a happy dog. A dog who has been active and well-cared for throughout the day will naturally get tired. When a dog is tired, he tends to be more content which in turn, makes you, the owner happy as well.
Day Rates Price
Single Day Pass$25
5-Day Pass$120
10-Day Pass$230
20-Day Pass$400
Half-Day Rates Price
Half-Day Pass$20
20 Half-Day Pass$325
  • Choose either the AM session (Open to 11:30) or the PM session (1pm to Close) or 5 hours most convenient between open & close.

*Monthly pass is good for full days of daycare Mon-Fri when daycare is offered. Pass expires at the end of the month. Refunds are not given for monthly passes.

**Note: All passes must be used within five months of the purchase date.

***Note: Monthly passes expire at the end of the month, not within five months.

Orange City
Sioux Center

General Information & Policies

Daycare Cancellation Policy:

  • Please let us know by 6pm the night prior if your dog will not be attending daycare for the following day.
  • Failure to give proper notice will result in a charge for the day or a pass used.