Whether grooming, boarding or coming for a play day, our canine guests can look forward to:

Spacious, glass-front boarding suites

Thousands of square feet of indoor and outdoor play space

An enclosed outdoor playspace with canine-grade grass

Indoor pool for water-loving guests

UV-Light air & surface disinfection air filtration system

Puppy playground equipment designed specifically for dogs both big and small.





You deserve a gateway. So does your dog.

Our suites are divided into three separate rooms, to keep volume and stress levels low. Each suite features side privacy panels, glass fronts, and comfortable bedding, so your dog can kick back, relax, and enjoy the stay!

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed specifically for dogs and equipped with stylish and clean amenities for all overnight guests. Each suite is private for your dog to catch some Zzzz’s, and includes the comforts of home, away from home.

  • They'll have their own spacious enclosure (no crates!) at night in our climate controlled boarding rooms with soothing music playing and fresh water

  • Multiple dogs from the same household can share suites

  • Your dog will get to be around other dogs and people throughout their whole day - no risk of feeling lonely!

  • They'll receive exercise, socialization, and affection every day

  • Ample indoor and outdoor play space

  • Your dog will have access to our spacious outdoor play yards equipped with kiddie pools, splash pad options and sunshine in the summer months


We take playtime seriously.

Perfect for the commuter, we offer daily daycare for your best friends to make some of their own in our giant playrooms, attended to by petcare experts all day long. All dogs are evaluated before getting to enter group play.

  • Your dog will experience off-leash play in our climate controlled playrooms, supervised by our staff who understand dog behavior & body language
  • Your dog will get to receive socialization, companionship, and exercise throughout their whole day with other four-legged friends
  • Thousands of square feet of indoor & outdoor play areas
  • Fun puppy playground equipment & toys
  • Highly-trained, watchful supervisors all day
  • Customizable pricing packages
  • Daycare is fun! It decreases boredom that can lead to destructive behaviors such as barking and chewing at home
  • Doggy daycare allows pet parents to relax at the end of the day by bringing home a tired dog


Your pup has never looked so good.

With an immaculate glass grooming center replete with state of the art grooming equipment, we promise your dog will leave looking, smelling, and feeling great. Don’t blame us if you can’t stop posting them to your Instagram.

  • Highly-trained pet groomers

  • Top of the line hypo-allergenic products

  • Soothing bath treatments

  • The fundamentals: Haircuts, Teeth-cleaning, Anal gland release, Facial, Deskunk, Flea/Tick

Splish. Splash.

Indoor Pool

Splish. Splash.

Our facility features a year-round, indoor pool designed specifically for dogs! It utilizes an advanced filtration system, combined with specialized minerals, in order to provide a clean swimming experience.  The pool only requires a small, but very safe amount of chlorine, which allows the pool to stay clean, but to avoid irritating your pet’s skin. Additionally, our pool features full-width entry steps for easy access in and out of the pool, as well as a shallow splash deck for dogs who prefer not to swim out to the deep end.

Our 14’x 30’ indoor pool is maintained at a comfortable 80°F. The depth is graduated from 10 inches to 6 feet deep, which makes it both comfortable for novice swimmers and loads of fun for our advanced canine swimmers. We have life jackets available in a variety of sizes. Your dog will never want to get out of the pool! 

The Dutch Dogs indoor pool is open as an add-on service for daycare and boarding clients as well as anyone who just wants to bring their dogs to swim. During your pup's first time to establish a good routine at the pool, we will slowly acclimate your pup to getting their paws wet and using toys to lure them in deeper. Teaching a dog to swim takes patience, time and encouragement, as well as a safe environment where they can adjust to the water at their own pace. Your dog's accomplishment of becoming comfortable in the water will help become a more confident dog.

Swimming is an exercise they can do their entire lives. Varied activities help to keep your dog alert, focused, and happy.

What a phenomenal way to improve your dog’s mental and physical health!

● Swimming provides exercise that is easy on joints, ligaments and allows muscles to relax

● Improves muscle strength and tone

● Promotes cardiovascular health (20 minute swim = brisk 4 mile walk)

● Improves their metabolic rate

● Superior weight loss aid

● Is a great outlet for your dog’s extra energy & is great for their mental health

● Improves confidence, relieves anxiety and reduces stress

● $15 for a 35 minute group session to add-on to daycare or boarding reservation

● $25 for a 35 private session to add-on to daycare or boarding reservation

Dog Birthday Party, Litter Reunion, or other Special Occasion?

Our pool can be rented privately for $150 for a 1.5 hour time slot. Additional time can be added for $45 per half hour. Call 712-722-4060 or email Ashley at [email protected] to book. Parties renting have access to our party room with counter space and private turf area. Our space can accommodate up to 10 dog guests.

Call 712-722-4060 to reserve your pool party!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

All of our pool services are subject to our strict pool-sanitization policy. If a dog has a bowel movement in the water your pool time will be over and the pool will be temporarily closed. This allows us time to remove the feces, test the water, and add the needed chemicals. After chemicals are added an appropriate wait time is needed before swimming can resume. Due to the cost of chemicals, and the need to cancel back-to-back reservations, we will charge a sanitization fee of $75.